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Serengeti Energy, a leading renewable energy company, and Proparco, the French development finance institution, have signed a landmark €250,000 grant agreement to support climate change adaptation for Serengeti Energy's power plants in sub-Saharan Africa. This strategic partnership aims to enhance the resilience and sustainability of renewable energy infrastructure amidst the increasing challenges posed by climate change.

This initiative comes in the wake of severe floods that recently devastated the Kasese District, in south-western Uganda, on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where two of Serengeti Energy's hydropower plants are located. The floods have underscored the urgent need for robust climate change adaptation measures to protect critical infrastructure and support local communities.

Key objectives of the grant:

1. Infrastructure Resilience: hydrological analysis, Climate physical risk analysis ,and adaptation action plan proposals.

2. Environmental Monitoring: Enhancing the capacity for environmental monitoring such as sediment load in the rivers to track climate change impacts and adapt operations accordingly, ensuring minimal ecological disruption.

3. Staff Training: Providing comprehensive training programs for staff to equip them with the necessary skills to manage climate change-related challenges, to obtain a better operational efficiency and to carry out an efficient maintenance of the assets.

The grant will be used to implement advanced climate change adaptation and mitigation measures at Serengeti Energy’s power plants, ensuring their operational efficiency and reliability in the face of increasingly erratic weather patterns and environmental changes.

Mr. Anton-Louis Olivier, CEO of Serengeti Energy, noted: "This is a significant milestone in our  ongoing partnership with Proparco. By enhancing the resilience of our power plants, we are not only mitigating operational and commercial risks for our business, but importantly also ensure that these power plants continue to provide sustainable and affordable power to the people of Sub-Saharan Africa."

Mr. Guillaume Barberousse, Sustainable development Director of Proparco: "We are thrilled to partner with Serengeti Energy, a leading player specializing in hydroelectricity in Sub-Saharan Africa. Climate change is a pressing challenge, and it is imperative that we support innovative projects that mitigate its impact. This adaptation project aims to improve the resilience to climate change of Serengeti hydropower plants and provide training on Serengeti staff on climate change-related issues. This support will ensure the operational efficiency of the assets, their robustness in facing exceptional weather conditions and thus continue to provide sustainable and affordable electricity to the vulnerable populations of Sub-Saharan Africa.  This grant is a testament to our commitment to building sustainable and resilient communities, particularly in regions vulnerable to extreme weather events.