Results for 2022: Proparco invested €2.3 billion throughout the world, including 45% in Africa

published on 16 May 2023
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Proparco - Rapport d'impact 2022
For the fourth year in a row, Proparco’s commitments topped the two billion euro mark, with a total of 214 projects. The fight against global warming and social and gender inequalities are strong markers of Proparco's commitment to the private sector. Focus on 5 key points.


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Commitments top the €2 billion mark 

As the world grapples with multiple economic and geopolitical crises, climate emergencies and growing inequalities, Proparco committed an amount of €2.3 billion in 2022 for 214 projects, breaking the €2 billion barrier for the fourth year in a row. More than €1.6 billion of this amount was raised from private finance and nearly €150 million was invested in fragile countries. 



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Over €900 million invested in projects with climate co-benefits

Proparco has placed low-carbon development that is resilient to the effects of climate change at the very heart of its strategy. In 2022, over 40% of approved operations – i.e., €902 million — had climate co-benefits. The clients and projects funded will enable more than 2.1 million people to benefit from new or improved access to renewable energy (1), including over 900,000 people in Africa, and 4.6 million tons of CO2 equivalent will be avoided each year. 

(1) Based on ex-ante impact estimates for 59 new projects signed in 2022.



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Over €200 million to promote gender equality  

Ensuring the development of quality job opportunities across the entire working age population while also promoting gender equality is a major challenge to which Proparco contributes through each of its financing operations. Proparco is part of the 2X Challenge – financing for womencommunity which works to provide greater access to quality job opportunities and to a wide range of goods and services for women. Proparco signed 18 projects to promote gender equality in 2022, for a total of €203 million.



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Africa, still at the heart of Proparco’s activity

Africa – AFD Group's priority region – is the main beneficiary of Proparco's investment and it absorbed 45% of total amounts authorized in 2022, with over €1 billion committed to the Continent. Latin America and the Caribbean accounted for 20% of commitments (€449 million), followed by Asia (17% or €396 million), the Middle East (9% or €214 million) and the multi-country zone (8.5% or €195 million).



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A new strategy for 2023-2027

2022 closed the 2020-2022 strategic cycle and featured the adoption of a new Proparco strategy covering the 2023-2027 period. This strategy – “Acting together for greater impact” – places impacts at the very heart of Proparco’s activity. The strategy is structured around three strategic focuses and three differentiated operational approaches to provide more effective support to customers tailored to their specific requirements and the reality on the ground.





“2022 was a pivotal year. It marked the end of our 2020-2022 strategic cycle and witnessed major progress in terms of impact.”

Arnaud Uzabiaga, Head of Proparco’s Impact Measurement Unit