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Proparco has granted ACME SA an ARIZ TPE portfolio guarantee of 407 million Haitian gourdes (equivalent to 2.65 million euros). This guarantee is part of a long-standing partnership between Proparco and the microfinance institution. It will enable ACME to strengthen its action with the smallest Haitian companies, which are sensitive to the crises the country is going through.

ACME is a financial institution that started its activities in 1997 as a non-profit association ACME ASBL. In 2009, following the creation of the Société Anonyme, the Association transferred its credit operations to it. Its mission is to provide a quick and cheap solution to the financial needs of the largest number of micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, while accompanying them in their development process.

The ARIZ TPE portfolio guarantee offered by Proparco to ACME is a continuation of the strong partnership between the two entities. Since 2013, Proparco has granted two lines of credit to ACME, and has mobilised technical assistance to support the microfinance institution (MFI) in improving its internal operations, notably by reviewing its procedures.

The new partnership component takes the form of a risk sub-participation covering a loan portfolio of 509 million gourdes (3.31 million euros) to be deployed throughout Haiti. This ARIZ TPE portfolio guarantee will enable ACME to continue to develop its credit activity in a complex socio-economic, political and security context.

For Yann Jacquemin, Deputy Head of Proparco's Financial Institutions and Inclusion Division and Head of Development Guarantees, "We are delighted to be able to set up this ARIZ TPE portfolio guarantee with ACME SA, an institution that has historically focused on the most vulnerable populations in Haiti. ACME SA serves a maximum number of clients, especially women's entrepreneurship, which is what sets it apart from other Haitian microfinance institutions".

"We would like to thank Proparco, ACME's partner since 2013, for its support and especially for the trust placed in us. This ARIZ TPE portfolio guarantee will be particularly useful to us as we expand our services to micro and small entrepreneurs, evolving in a context of vulnerability and impoverishment.  It will contribute to a more structural and less volatile growth of the Institution's portfolio given the current economic situation, while reinforcing our action resolutely turned towards the well-being, economic empowerment and development of our clientele" declared Sinior Raymond, General Manager of ACME SA.

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