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Proparco liwwa
While MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) represent 80% of Jordanian businesses, they are still struggling with access to credit. liwwa offers solutions to unbanked SMEs, using digitalization and artificial intelligence. With a one million euros loan, Proparco, the French development finance institution, is helping liwwa’s growth and promoting job creation as well as social cohesion. This project demonstrates France’s commitment to financial inclusion in the Middle East.

Nearly 75% of the financing needs of Jordanian SMEs are not met by the commercial banking system. Traditional banks are reluctant to grant credit to these players and impose conditions that are beyond their reach.

Operational since 2015, liwwa is one of the most ambitious fintechs on the Jordanian market. It offers SMEs an alternative to bank financing, based on a cutting-edge technological solution, while placing human contact and customer service at the center. With a 20 million USD portfolio, liwwa supports Jordanian companies working in craft and retailing.

The one million euros loan granted to liwwa by Proparco, subsidiary of the French development bank AFD, was signed in the presence of the French Ambassador to Jordan, Mr. Alexis Le Cour Grandmaison. It will support the growth of its activity, supporting 175 jobs.

This operation supports the country’s SME fabric and thus promotes economic and social cohesion in Jordan in a regional context of chronic crises. It also contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (poverty eradication, economic growth, innovation, reduction of inequalities). This project is part of Proparco’s broader commitment to the Jordanian financial sector, as demonstrated by its partnership with Capital Bank of Jordan.

“France is a committed contributor to the economic development of Jordan through job creation and investment. Small and medium-size businesses are the backbone of Jordan’s economy and I’m proud that Proparco is now supporting a trustworthy partner like liwwa”, said Alexis Le Cour Grandmaison, French Ambassador to Jordan.

“This credit line will allow us to continue serving small businesses, which are those with the greatest need for financing in Jordan. The trust that Proparco has placed in us is a testimony to the relevance of our innovative approach,” said Dennis Ardis, CEO of liwwa.

“We are very honored to work with liwwa, a major player in the Jordanian fintech ecosystem. This new project proves once again Proparco’s commitment to the private sector and innovation, as well as to strengthening financial inclusion in the MENA region,” said Jeremy Brault, Head of Innovation and Financial Inclusion at Proparco.


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