2020 annual results : €2 billion of commitments, major impacts on development and a mobilization in response to the Covid-19 crisis

published on 13 April 2021
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This morning, AFD Group presented the figures for its activities in 2020. Despite an exceptional context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, Proparco, the Group’s private sector financing arm, has topped the mark of €2 billion of commitments for the second year in a row. In 2020, Proparco’s priority was to support its clients to limit the impact of the health, social and economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This situation also prompted Proparco to strengthen its partnership approach, especially with its European counterparts (EDFIs) and the European Union.


  • Proparco in 2020 :

€2 billion of commitments, including:

- €755 million in Africa

- €449 million in fragile States and LDCs

- €548 million for the climate

- €478 million for African MSMEs

For Grégory Clemente, Chief Executive Officer of Proparco, “These results confirm our commitment to support the private sector despite the difficult economic context caused by the Covid-19 crisis. With €2 billion, Proparco is continuing its mission by remaining active, especially with African companies with the deployment of the Choose Africa Resilience program. In 2020, Proparco also strengthened its partnerships with the EDFIs and European Union.”

  • Impacts on the ground

In 2020, Proparco signed some 200 new projects with positive impacts on sustainable development:

  • 719,000 tons of CO2 avoided per year
  • Direct and indirect jobs created or maintained for over 803 300 people over the next 5 years
  • Improved access to essential services and goods for 2.6 million people over the next 5 years, including:
  • Access to renewable electricity for 134,000 people
  • Access to a transport service for 324,000 people
  • Access to health services and/or medicines for 1.7 million patients
  • Access to microcredit for 399,000 people
  • Focus: PROPARCO’s response to Covid-19

Proparco took action from the outset of the health and economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, alongside its clients, with a response plan.

Back in March 2020, Proparco provided an immediate response to the most urgent needs of its clients, including payment deferrals in some 20 countries. Since March 2020, Proparco has also contributed €1.2 billion to the “Covid 19 - Health in Common” initiative developed by AFD Group. Finally, to support the economic recovery in the longer term, Proparco has increased its financial commitments and deployed new targeted tools. A new “Resilience” component has been added to the Choose Africa initiative (€2.5 billion) to support African SMEs: an additional budget of €1 billion comprising loan and guarantee tools, equity investments and assistance adapted to the crisis situation. At the mid-term of the initiative, €2 billion of financing has been committed and will fund over 16,000 companies and several tens of thousands of micro-entrepreneurs.

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  • Flagship projects

Health/Egypt & Morocco

In June, Proparco, IFC and IFU provided an equity investment of over $100 million to the Humania private hospital platform to improve the health sector in Egypt and Morocco.

Climate/Solarise Africa

In September, Proparco invested in a pan-African clean energy company, Solarise Africa, by allocating the equivalent of €4 million in equity through the African Renewable Energy Scale-Up facility financed by AFD Group and the EU.

Support for SMEs/Kenya

In October, a $100 million loan was allocated to Equity Bank to support job-creating SMEs In Kenya under the Choose Africa initiative, as well as projects with climate co-benefits.


In August, Proparco allocated a loan equivalent to $15 million to KMF, the country’s leading microfinance institution whose clients are mainly rural dwellers and women.