Proparco's Strategy 2023-2027

Acting together for greater impact

Structured around three strategic objectives and differentiated operational approaches, Proparco's 2023-2027 strategy is underpinned by impact-based objectives for a more just and sustainable world.
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Proparco - Stratégie 2023-2027

Our strategy

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In a context of climate emergency and a growing number of diverse crises, it is essential to get all stakeholders involved in combating poverty and redressing inequalities.

Start-ups, SMEs, the different players in local financial systems and all investors have a key role to play, especially by promoting economic opportunities and providing innovative and sustainable solutions to address the challenges facing our world.

This is why Proparco is reiterating its ambition in its strategy for 2023-2027 which firmly focuses on accompanying our clients on a sustainable development trajectory.

The climate emergency and growing inequalities are even more acute at present. The role of the private sector is more important than ever. It is actually an essential lever for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Françoise Lombard, Chief Executive Officer of Proparco

Our objectives

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Driven by impact-based objectives for a more just and sustainable world, Proparco's strategy focus on three strategic objectives.

Strategy 2023-2027 - Objectives

Our approaches

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To take greater account of the complexity and reality of its geographical areas of operation and tailor its responses to its clients’ needs, Proparco has decided to differentiate its approaches.

Strategy 2023-2027 - Approaches