Infrastructure is one of Proparco's traditional sectors of operation.

Rapid economic growth in Southern countries and improving living conditions for their populations are closely related to the provision of efficient infrastructure.

Access to effective and sustainable services for energy, drinking water, sanitation, as well as to transport and telecommunications networks, are core development issues.

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Access to effective and sustainable infrastructures are core development issues.

Renewable energy and energy security

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In the energy sector, our financing has two main objectives:

  • Support renewable energy projects (solar, wind, hydro, biomass) on all continents in order to boost the energy transition, meet increasing energy needs in Southern countries, while focusing on production methods that are less polluting than fossil fuels;
  • Secure the energy supply by developing local conventional and renewable (gas, hydro) natural resources, which provide a rapid response to the installed capacity deficit.


Telecommunications and digital infrastructures

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Reducing the digital divide

To reduce the digital divide and create jobs, Proparco supports the development of private telecoms operators in Southern countries.

Indeed, the extension of mobile phone networks and implementation of infrastructure for broadband Internet access (3G, fiber optics…) improve the productivity of companies, and create employment and wealth.

They also make it possible to provide mobile banking services to populations that are not covered by “traditional” banking networks, as well as social applications, such as distance education and telemedicine.



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Efficient transport networks are essential to the economic and social development of Southern countries.

They play a crucial role in structuring trade and the competitiveness of local production, and foster the regional and international integration of countries.

By facilitating access to the labor market, and to goods and services, they also contribute to improving access for populations.

That is why Proparco supports the construction, extension and upgrading of basic infrastructure, such as road networks and airports, as well as rail and port projects to boost import-export traffic.

Water and sanitation

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Water and sanitation

Climate change has an extremely serious impact on the availability of water resources in a number of countries. Sustainable drinking water management, the protection of its quality and the control of demand are one of the challenges of the century. 

In the contexts of rapid urban and population growth experienced by many developing countries, ensuring access to water and sanitation poses a major challenge.

Proparco addresses this challenge by supporting projects to implement integrated water resources management, improve yields on water networks, and increase storage and wastewater treatment capacities.


Social housing and Hotels

Low-income housing and hotels

Access to decent and affordable housing is a priority in a number of Southern countries. In 2017, Proparco signed its first direct investment in the social housing sector in South Africa. This funding facility will allow new low-income housing units to be built in priority urban development areas. To find out more

To address the shortage of hotel accommodation with international standards, Proparco supports also projects that develop the attractiveness of capitals, provide tranings and create local jobs. 

(€379M) committed for energy infrastructures
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