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The project, an equity investment by Proparco in Bank of Palestine, is supporting the bank’s growth and its financing for SMEs, women, renewable energies and energy efficiency.
Client presentation

Bank of Palestine (BOP) is listed on the Palestine Stock Exchange. It is Palestine’s largest financial institution with a market share of 30%, a geographical coverage of the entire West Bank and Gaza and representation offices in Chile and the United Arab Emirates. The bank is particularly committed to inclusive finance, with the objective of contributing to sustainable economic and social development in Palestine.

Project description

The project involves the subscription by FISEA, the AFD Group facility advised by Proparco, of new ordinary shares issued by Bank of Palestine during a reserved capital increase for a total of USD 12m, i.e. a shareholding estimated at 3.3% of the bank’s capital. This financing comes with a technical assistance program and is supporting the bank’s growth, particularly its financing for SMEs, women, renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Project impact

The equity investment in BOP should allow more than 200 SMEs and companies to access financing, which should indirectly support more than 7,000 jobs over the next 5 years and stimulate growth in personal loans. This investment is combined with a multi-year technical assistance program through which Proparco will be able to support BOP’s initiatives to invest in financial and digital inclusion. This project will thereby contribute to the achievement of SDG 5 “Gender equality” and SDG 8 “Decent work and economic growth”. The project is also part of the 2X Challenge, a multilateral initiative which aims to support projects that empower women as entrepreneurs, business leaders, employees and consumers.

Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
10 232 400 Euros
Amount of funding
USD 12m Equity Investment
Financing details
Bank of Palestine
Head office country
Project number

This information is given at the time of signature, without prejudice to any developments in the operation/project