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In Argentina, Proparco is supporting SME growth via a USD 40m credit line to Banco Supervielle.
Client presentation

Grupo Supervielle was founded in 1887. This financial conglomerate has successfully managed its growth, while setting up a prudent management of its risks, which allowed it to address the crises of the 2000s. With a total balance sheet of USD 4.9bn (and a market share of 2.6%), Banco Supervielle is the eleventh largest bank in the Argentinian system of 62 banks, and the fourth largest private national bank. The bank has demonstrated its capacity to position itself in segments and sub-segments in which it has developed products and a service tailored to allow it to stand out and become the leader (leasing, assistance model for its senior citizen clients for pension payments). Banco Supervielle is also the market leader in San Luis Province.

Project description

This operation is being conducted under the cofinancing facility (Friendship Facility). FMO, the arranger of the financing, and Proparco are providing Banco Supervielle with a senior credit line for a total amount of USD 80m (USD 40m each). This credit line will be fully earmarked to finance local SMEs which need long-term resources to support their growth. 

Project impact

Proparco’s financing is expected to benefit the bank’s SME clients and help create or maintain over 1,700 jobs among Banco Supervielle’s clients.
With a presence of over 130 years on the Argentinian market, Banco Supervielle also has some 5,320 employees, just under half of which are women (49%). The new financing will support the growth in the activity of the bank, which could create some 650 additional jobs, including 50% for women, over the next five years. This project is expected to help create or maintain a total of some 7,700 jobs in Argentina. 

Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
35 382 574 Euros
Amount of funding
USD 40m senior loan
Financing details
Banco Supervielle S.A.