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Proparco supports the development of the Mission laïque française

Signature Proparco-MLF 28/02/2020
By granting 65 million euros to the Mission laïque française, historic operator of French education abroad, for projects in Morocco, Côte d'Ivoire, Lebanon, Egypt and Ethiopia, Proparco supports the development of innovative education in Africa and Middle East. This funding is also part of the development plan for French education in the world decided by the public authorities.
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Harnessing the private sector to reduce gender inequality

SP&D 33 - Réduire les inégalités de genre
The new issue of the magazine Private sector and Development focuses on the role of the private sector in reducing gender inequalities in developing countries. Despite increased awareness since the adoption of the Beijing Declaration of 1995 and the progress made, women worldwide still face a multitude of inequalities, and at the current rate the gender gap would take around a hundred years to be completely closed.
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