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Toilets in Nairobi’s slums

KENYA — In the slum areas of Kenya’s capital, indoor flush toilets are a rarity. Most people have to make do with plastic bags and outdoor pit latrines. To remedy the situation, a company called Sanergy has built up a network of low-cost pay toilets that are put to optimal use, given that the organic waste is converted into fertilizer and sold to farmers.
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ESPRIT - Training engineers

The El Ghazala technopole in the suburbs north of Tunis is home to one of the country’s top schools: ESPRIT, which stands for the École Supérieure Privée d’Ingénierie et de Technologie. It opened twelve years ago, with 40 students attending. Since then, their ranks have swollen to nearly 5,000, some of them from all over French-speaking Africa.
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620 million Africans with no lighting

AFRICA – Universal access to reliable, affordable, clean energy is one of the major challenges on today’s development agenda. In 2011, the United Nations launched the Sustainable Energy for All initiative with the aim of bringing together stakeholders from governments, business and civil society to eliminate energy poverty. This is a field in which Proparco has been active for years.
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