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Private Sector & Development magazines

Published since 2009, Private Sector & Development (PS&D) is a half-yearly magazine that aims to get a better grasp of the mechanisms through which the private sector can contribute to the development of southern countries. In each issue, PS&D compares the views of authors in different fields: researchers, private sector’s professionals, development institutions or civil society. The idea of the Private Sector & Development magazine is to share know-how and best practices and boost sustainable development by encouraging private investment. The magazine spotlights the experience of Proparco and its private-sector partners.

# 8

The mining sector, an opportunity for growth in Africa?

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Africa has during the 2000s benefited from continuously increasing investment and become a fully-fledged player as a result of the boom in the mining sector. Focus on the mining sector in this 8th issue of the Private Sector & Development magazine. 

# 7

Should tourism be promoted in developing countries?

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For developing countries, where economic activity is often based on a handful of sectors of activity, tourism provides real potential for diversification and valuable foreign currency exchange. It can be a source of employment as well as a vehicle of economic and social progress.