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Private Sector & Development magazines

Published since 2009, Private Sector & Development (PS&D) is a half-yearly magazine that aims to get a better grasp of the mechanisms through which the private sector can contribute to the development of southern countries. In each issue, PS&D compares the views of authors in different fields: researchers, private sector’s professionals, development institutions or civil society. The idea of the Private Sector & Development magazine is to share know-how and best practices and boost sustainable development by encouraging private investment. The magazine spotlights the experience of Proparco and its private-sector partners.

# 16

New players and new banking models for Africa

Published on

The African banking sector, largely dominated by the European banks through to the late 1990s, is currently undergoing radical change. Regional operations are emerging – and steadily evolving into genuinely pan-African groups. These banks are deploying a more aggressive growth strategy.

# 15

Waste: the challenges facing developing countries

Published on

Open dumping of waste presents a real threat to the environment and to human health and is commonplace in developing countries. Constrained by budget pressures, towns and cities in the southern hemisphere are struggling to deal with the proliferation of municipal solid waste.

# 12

Can private equity boost Africa development?

Published on

In just the last decade, private equity has carved out a new territory for itself in sub-Saharan Africa. For the region this is an opportunity to attract new investors whose funds are entrusted to specialist professional management teams.