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Private Sector & Development magazines

Published since 2009, Private Sector & Development (PS&D) is a half-yearly magazine that aims to get a better grasp of the mechanisms through which the private sector can contribute to the development of southern countries. In each issue, PS&D compares the views of authors in different fields: researchers, private sector’s professionals, development institutions or civil society. The idea of the Private Sector & Development magazine is to share know-how and best practices and boost sustainable development by encouraging private investment. The magazine spotlights the experience of Proparco and its private-sector partners.

# 32

SME Finance in Africa: What’s new?

Published on
PSD 32

10 years after having dedicated its first issue to the financing and support of SMEs in Africa, this Private Sector & Development magazine takes another in-depth look into this major challenge for the continent's development.

# 30

Corporate governance: a driver for growth

Published on
PSD30 Corporte governance

The 30th Private Sector & Development magazine focuses on the issues and challenges of a key topic for business growth: governance. Good governance practices play a fundamental role in ensuring the sustainability of companies and confidence from lenders and investors.