Partner with France

In 2019, the French Government decided to gather all French public operators acting internationally under a “France” label, with the aim of unifying and increasing the clarity of France’s action abroad.
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Partner with France

The “France” TM signature uses the word France and the French flag. There are then specific sub-label versions for each different sector of activity. For example, “Explore France” will be used for tourism, “Choose France” for business, “Taste France” for gastronomy, and “Partner with France” for development and partnership activities.
AFD Group (AFD, PROPARCO), as well as the other public institutions working in the development and international solidarity sector (CIRAD, IRD, Expertise France…), are now gathered under the “Partner with France / avec la France” signature.
The French Government’s aim in using this common banner organized as sectoral sub-labels is to maximize France’s attractiveness and visibility abroad.