French Overseas Territories

The French overseas territories are penalized by their insularity, remoteness, the small size of domestic markets, high production costs compared to neighboring countries, but also by high climate change risks (cyclones, rising sea levels...), geological risks (seismic, volcanic…) and epidemiological risks (chikungunya, dengue fever…). They also have more marked economic and social weaknesses than mainland France.
La réunion - CBO Territoria

Strengthening the private sector

projet PUCMM

Strengthening the private sector in order to create local employment and added value, and promote regional economic trade

In this context, Proparco’s operations in the French overseas territories are in line with the strategy defined by AFD, which aims to support their catching up with mainland France and the redefinition of the development models of the Overseas Departments and Local Authorities (DCOM).

More specifically, Proparco supports the sustainable urban development sector, as well as the development of local small and medium-sized enterprises, which are faced with the low level of their permanent equity, the main cause of failure in periods of crisis. For this purpose, Proparco mobilizes its equity instruments, which are not readily available in the French overseas territories.

Thanks to its knowledge of neighboring countries, Proparco more generally seeks to support the international development of the activities of enterprises in the overseas territories, especially in their regional environment.

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