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A financial institution working for the private sector and sustainable development

Proparco is the private sector financing arm of Agence Française de Développement Group (AFD Group). It has been promoting sustainable economic, social and environmental development for over 45 years. Proparco provides funding and support to both businesses and financial institutions in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle-East. Its action focuses on the key development sectors: infrastructure, mainly for renewable energies, agribusiness, financial institutions, health and education.

Its operations aim to strengthen the contribution of private players to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the international community in 2015. To this end, Proparco finances companies whose activity contributes to creating jobs and decent incomes, providing essential goods and services and combating climate change. They contribute to building sustainable economic growth and reducing poverty.
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Our history

Over the years, it has gradually diversified its financial tools, its geographical area of operations and its shareholding structure. It has now become one of the main European Development Finance Institutions (EDFIs), with a share capital of EUR 1 353m.
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Why finance the private sector?

Companies (small, medium-sized and large) and financial institutions are one of the main drivers of economic growth in developing and emerging countries. They play an active role in job creation and income generation, including for government tax revenues.
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Investments driven by their contribution to development in southern countries

Proparco’s objective is in line with AFD’s strategic orientations and the priorities of the French cooperation policy: to promote the emergence of a dynamic, innovative and responsible private sector in developing and emerging countries, which contributes to building sustainable economic growth, job creation, the provision of essential goods and services and, more generally, to poverty reduction and the fight against climate change.
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In addition to financing, Proparco’s role – and added value – involves encouraging companies and financial institutions in the South to act in a responsible manner in the countries where they are established.

To help them achieve this, Proparco assists its clients in managing the impacts of their activity on society and rural areas and, more generally, in improving their environmental practices (reducing greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy development), social practices (improving working conditions, fight against discriminations…) and governance (fight against corruption, transparency of information…).

All the operations financed by Proparco are themselves subject to some of the most rigorous selectivity criteria among bilateral donors.

Proparco is today one of the leading European Development Finance Institutions, which are members of the EDFI association. It has close partnership relations with them and conducts a number of cofinanced operations.

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