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Etix_Everywhere, data center
Proparco has allocated a EUR 15m loan to finance the construction and operation of 3 data centers developed by Etix Everywhere. This project will allow the digital activities of these two African countries to develop.
Client presentation

Etix is an SME set up 6 years ago. It has 75 employees and a rapidly growing turnover.

Project description

The project involves financing the construction and operation of two datacenters in Ghana (in Accra and Kumasi) and a datacenter in Djibouti, developed by the Luxembourg company Etix Everywhere. They have a major impact on the digital economy of these markets. 

Project impact

ETIX will enable the development of digital activities in the various subregions thanks to the construction of these datacenters. This project aims to support economic development and will consequently have impacts on employment and capacity building for employees.

Date of signature of the project
Multi-country Global Djibouti Ghana
Financing tool
15 000 000 Euros
Amount of funding
EUR 15m senior loan
Financing details