The Appointments committee

The Appointments committee prepares and facilitates the actions of the Board of directors relative to all matters relating to its area of responsibility, and it reports to the Board of directors.
The task of the Appointments committee is to identify and recommend, to the Board of directors, candidates who could serve as directors. The Appointments committee ensures that the Board of directors is not dominated by a single person or small group of people under conditions that would harm the interests of Proparco.
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The Appointments committee as at March 2th, 2020
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  • WALCKENAER Bertrand

    Vice-President - Board of directors
    President (AFD Member) - The Investment advisory committee
    President - The appointments committee
  • XXX - Designation pending

  • Philippe Bauduin, Directeur général adjoint

    BAUDUIN Philippe

    Director (legal person) - Board of directors
    Membrer and permanent representative - The risk and audit committee
    Member - The Appointments committee

The Appointments committee consists of three (3) members appointed by the Board of directors from amongst its sitting members, for the duration of their directorships. The Committee members cannot hold management positions within PROPARCO.
The Committee members are chosen on the basis of their knowledge, skills and experience in the field of PROPARCO’s activities.