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It is necessary to upgrade the railway line which crosses the country in order to promote economic development in Gabon. Proparco is consequently participating in the investment program financed by the State and the concessionaire.
Client presentation
The Transgabonais Operating Company (SETRAG) has been the concessionaire for the railway line crossing Gabon, along the Libreville-Franceville route, since 2005. The Transgabonais is used for passenger and freight transport. Its main activity is still the transportation of ore, particularly from COMILOG's manganese mine in Moanda. The infrastructure comprises a 710 km-long railway line, including a 648 km-long main line between the port of Owendo and Franceville.
Project description
SETRAG has been faced with a low level of productivity since the start of the concession, in particular due to the poor state of the infrastructure. SETRAG has decided to launch an extensive rehabilitation program, with one of the main components being to upgrade the railway. The investment program comprises infrastructure and superstructure works, safety, signaling, and an E&S action program. It is cofinanced by SETRAG and the Government of Gabon.
Project impact
This program directly aims to reduce operating costs, improve the reliability and availability of transport, provide equitable access to all users, and restore the capacity of the track to its initial level in order to absorb a future increase in traffic. The overall objective is to provide Gabon with a renovated and reliable communication route between the capital and the interior of the country, in order to open up areas and promote economic development.
Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
32 500 000 Euros
Amount of funding
Loan of EUR 32,5 M
Financing details
Société d'exploitation du Transgabonais