Kashf Foundation: a loan and technical assistance to support the development of microcredit and women’s empowerment in Pakistan

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Kashf Foundation, microcredit, femme, Pakistan
Kashf Foundation is an emblematic microfinance institution in Pakistan. It stands out both for its range of microcredit and microinsurance and for its programs to provide financial education and support young women entrepreneurs and its programs to raise awareness of gender equality, in a country where the financial inclusion rate is extremely low.
Client presentation

Kashf Foundation is a microfinance institution (MFI) founded in 1996 by Mrs. Roshaneh Zafar. It has become an emblematic institution through its social mission and its action for women and their economic and social empowerment.
99% of Kashf’s clients are women.

This mission is realized via the allocation of microcredit and microinsurance, but also via programs to provide financial education and support young women entrepreneurs and programs to raise awareness of gender equality for the spouses and children of its women clients.
In 2016, Kashf won the European Microfinance Award, “Microfinance and Access to Education”, for its program to finance Low Cost Private Schools which, in addition to credit, includes technical assistance to improve management, as well as training for the teachers and heads of these schools.

Project description

PROPARCO’s financing is earmarked to support the growth in Kashf’s portfolio, in a country where the level of financial inclusion is low.
In addition, PROPARCO will cofinance technical assistance, which aims to strengthen Kashf’s asset/liability management. 

Project impact

This project supports local employment and training for entrepreneurs, particularly women, who account for 99% of Kashf Foundation’s clients and 50% of the institution’s employees.
The project will create or maintain a total of over 107,000 jobs in Pakistan, which will make a significant contribution to the country’s development.

Kashf Foundation also offers training and awareness-raising programs to its women clients and their spouses on the theme of gender equality.

The project also contributes to financial inclusion, in particular to the expansion of microfinance services towards the north of the country (KPK Province), and to private sector development.  
Kashf offers a range of customized financial services, as well as innovative non-financial services, such as training on financial analysis and business management and an incubator for young women entrepreneurs.

Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
4 238 945 Euros
Amount of funding
USD 5m loan and technical assistance of USD 20,000
Financing details
Kashf Foundation