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Exacta Asia Investment II is a venture capital fund which finances ASEAN SMEs. It specifically targets companies that generate developmental impacts in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.
Client presentation

Exacta Asia Investment II is a venture capital fund with a target size of USD 250m, which aims to contribute to the development of ASEAN SMEs and midcaps. The fund is managed by Exacta Capital Partners, an asset manager in Asia since 2013.

Project description

This project, with a USD 20m equity investment by PROPARCO at the first closing, will contribute to the development of companies that generate developmental impacts,
i) by providing financing solutions tailored to their needs that are difficult to come by at local level,
ii) by participating in the transformation and upgrading of their structures in line with the highest environmental, social and governance standards, and
iii) by promoting intra-regional trade.
The fund will target Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam as a priority.

Project impact

The project will support employment and training for local populations, with over 36,000 jobs created or maintained.
It will develop the capital market in geographical areas where private equity is not well developed.
EAI II will contribute to strengthening the private sector by supporting growth in the companies invested in.

Date of signature of the project
Multi-country Asia
Financing tool
16 700 000 Euros
Amount of funding
Equity investment of 20 MUSD
Financing details