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Cambodge, AMK 2015
AMK is a Cambodian microfinance institution which mainly targets a rural client base. Proparco's support – via a subordinated debt and technical assistance – will allow it to modernize and develop.
Client presentation

AMK is Cambodia's leading microfinance institution (MFI) by the number of clients served, the 2nd largest by the size of its network of branches, and the 7th largest by the size of its loan portfolio. AMK was initially set up by an Irish NGO in the 1990s and today is the MFI with the strongest rural base and the most clearly defined and complete social mission in Cambodia. This MFI has obtained the highest social rating in the industry (AA-/α), and is a pioneer in combining financial returns and social performance in microfinance.

Project description

The financing for AMK is in the form of a subordinated debt in local currency equivalent to USD 6m. This operation aims to support the institution's growth by providing resources to strengthen its equity. USD 65,000 of technical assistance has also been provided. There are three components: the development of new interactive connected tools, a diagnostic on the optimization of the network of officers for their branchless banking service, and the introduction of Business Intelligence monitoring.

Project impact

The project's strengths in terms of impact will include: 1) the impacts on the diversification of the range of loans: almost 90% of the MFI's clients are rural dwellers and 80% are women. The MFI also offers a wide range of innovative loans to meet client needs, 2) the mobilization of savings (111,000 savers, USD 49m of savings collected, largest MFI network of banking officers), and 3) job creation (over 1,000 direct jobs created and some 23,000 indirect jobs with AMK clients). The financial support will allow the microfinance institution to improve the quality of its services for its borrowers and strengthen its overall performance.

Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
5 550 159 Euros
Amount of funding
Loan of USD 6m and 100 RIEL KAMP and technical assistance of USD 65,000
Financing details
Amk Microfinance Institution PIc.