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Beyond recovery: toward innovative, inclusive private sector financing

Jessica Espinoza 2X COLLABORATIVE
Despite the extensive use of development finance institutions (DFIs) in recent years, the Covid-19 pandemic has shed a harsh light on the persistence of gender inequalities, particularly in terms of access to finance in emerging markets. It is therefore urgent to break down the systemic barriers that limit the flow of capital to gender-smart funds and diversity entrepreneurs. Only a collective and innovative response can lead to a paradigm shift in development finance.
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Stakeholders’ voice – using technology to collect feedback directly from the key people

Anne Valto Finnfund
The world has now lived with the Covid-19 pandemic for over two years. The evidence shows that it has hit the least-developed countries the hardest. At the same time, climate change is increasingly affecting peoples’ daily lives. Again, those already in vulnerable positions are suffering the most. In this milieu, there is a need to understand the roles and impacts of companies, and the development financiers and investors backing them, on peoples’ lives. New digital tools are making this possible.
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The pandemic as a driver of innovation for private sector companies in Africa

Franziska Hollmann DEG
During the last two years, a large number of companies have developed innovative strategies to navigate through the Covid-19 crisis. What this meant: everything that could be organised remotely in doing business helped them and their customers to cope with the consequences of the pandemic. In addition, these companies were able to secure jobs and develop new economic perspectives thanks to new digital business models. They emerged stronger from the crisis, or even benefited from it.
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Europe’s huge opportunity: mobilising the private sector for development

Jutta Urpilainen European Commission - DG INTPA
“Team Europe” is a space that allows for strengthened cooperation across European development finance actors. For the European DFIs, strengthened cooperation with EU institutions will be key to enabling the European response to address the challenges of private sector development and private sector mobilisation to fill the investment gap.
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European DFIs in a troubled world: strategic actors of the European financial architecture for development

San Bilal ECDPM
In a rapidly changing world threatened by the risk of irreversible climate change, major crises and an increasingly polarised world order, Europe has to articulate its external actions in a more strategic, geopolitical, principled and impactful manner. In this context, European development finance must become an integrated part of this comprehensive European international strategic endeavour. This should be the direction of the reforms of the European financial architecture for development (EFAD).
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