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Financing and supporting the transition to clean public transporation in Colombia

Francisco Lozano Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional
Green Movil
The challenge facing Colombia in its transition to clean energy (including electric) public transportation is largely structural: transportation networks are managed independently by the cities, resulting in a lack of integration. The resultant redundancies need to be addressed, along other structural issues, such as contracting, making the clean energy transition viable and fundable.
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Accelerating the green transformation of cities: role of the private sector

Mark Watts C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
Andy Deacon The Global Covenant of Mayors For Climate & Energy
Immeubles villes durables
The UN estimates that cities are responsible for 75 percent of global CO2 emissions. If we are to have any hope of keeping to the Paris Agreement and limiting global heating to 1.5 degrees then it’s what happens in cities which is critical. While many cities across the world are already reducing their emissions quicker than their respective countries there is one major blocker standing in the way of further progress: access to finance.
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Rio de Janeiro deepens engagement in global climate action

Eduardo Paes
Rio de Janeiro - Brésil
As the site of the ’Rio Declaration’ and host of the G20 Summit in 2024, Rio de Janeiro has embraced international objectives with its Plan for Sustainable Development and Climate Action. Two core initiatives in actualizing the Plan are The Neutral ISS Law and the Center for Tomorrow’s Energy and Finance, currently under construction. Both are aimed at spearheading the City’s sustainable energy transition and nurturing its green finance ecosystem.
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Channelling private sector investment into sustainable urban planning

Christel Bourbon-Séclet C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
Frédéric Audras Agence française de développement (AFD)
Villes durables
Cities are critical players in the deployment of inclusive and sustainable public policies. If they are to provide their growing populations with the economic, social and cultural services and resources they need to combat climate change, they must have access to additional funding. More specifically, this requires greater private sector involvement.
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