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The transformative role of the private sector in forced displacement

Michel Botzung IFC-UNHCR joint initiative
Camp de réfugiés
The world is currently facing a forced displacement crisis. Forced displacement has shifted in scale, and its increasingly protracted nature calls for development approaches that extend beyond the prevailing care and assistance approach. Yet, within development approaches, we believe in private sector-led solutions in forced displacement contexts.
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What tools to finance the private sector in fragile states? The experience of the International Finance Corporation

Michel Botzung IFC-UNHCR joint initiative
Over half of the world’s poor will be living in fragile and conflict-affected situations by 2030. Addressing the challenges of poverty and human development is impossible without taking into account the urgent needs of these regions. In its decades of field experience, IFC has found that the private sector can drive growth and create markets in fragile and conflict situations.
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