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Channelling private sector investment into sustainable urban planning

Christel Bourbon-Séclet C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
Frédéric Audras Agence française de développement (AFD)
Villes durables
Cities are critical players in the deployment of inclusive and sustainable public policies. If they are to provide their growing populations with the economic, social and cultural services and resources they need to combat climate change, they must have access to additional funding. More specifically, this requires greater private sector involvement.
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Linking public and private action for sustainable waste management

Christel Bourbon-Séclet C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
Amandine Dukhan Agence française de développement (AFD)
Nathalie Yannic Proparco
When it comes to managing waste in developing countries, the private sector can contribute technical skills, organisational capabilities and flexibility. Yet private sector involvement alone will not solve all the problems. The public sector, while far from abrogating its responsibilities, has to strengthen regulations and step up project management. It is also vital to improve the financing of waste management services and to ensure a better-structured regulatory framework.
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