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Proparco allocated a loan of € 18.4m to Heksagon Kati Atik (HKA), to help build and operate solid waste management and organo-mineral fertilizer production facilities in Turkey.

This funding will help HKA to deploy three new facilities in Bilecik, Ödemis and Söke in Turkey, in addition to the existing one in Pamukova.

Treating and recovering waste in Turkey 

HKA is the first private solid-waste management company in Turkey to convert municipal, industrial, and agricultural waste into organic content fertilizer. In 2015, HKA collected 155,000 tons of municipal solid waste and is projecting to collect 210,000 tons a year from 2016.

Turkey’s population produces 32 million tons of waste each year. 44% of waste is sent to uncontrolled dump sites, causing serious damages to the environment. In this context, HKA activity will help further Turkey’s efforts to improve waste management and will contribute in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 84,000 tons per year.

Energy and fertilizer 

HKA innovative model enables to produce high-quality organic content fertilizers from waste. These fertilizers create higher crop yields, improve soil quality and resilience, especially in areas with low organic material content, and reduce dependency on chemical inputs. The company will sell up to 380,000 tons of organo-mineral fertiliser each year.

HKA also produces electricity from biogas, by the anaerobic digestion of organic waste, and sells it on the national grid. Its existing facility supplies the equivalent of the city of Pamukova, i.e. 30 000 inhabitants. The three news facilities will help increase its electricity production – participating to the diversification of the energy national mix.

A high potential for replicability 

The three new facilities are expected to establish a contractual basis for the provision of solid waste management services by the private sector in Turkey. It will provide a model for municipalities at a time when they need to consider international standards.

A multi-donor facility 

The loan of Proparco, alongside the Dutch development finance institution FMO, is part of the second tranche of a global USD 128 million IFC-led syndication financing.


Heksagon Kati Atik (HKA) was established in 2008. Heksagon’s business model is based on acquiring long-term concessions from municipalities in which Hexagon provides services including public education on source separation, solid waste collection and treatment, waste sorting, recycling, electricity production, composting, fertilizer production, and landfill construction and operation. 

For more information, visit www.hexagonkatiatik.com