Turkey: Bursa public hospital, supported by Proparco, officially inaugurated this morning

published on 20 June 2019
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bursa, turquie
In April 2017, Proparco allocated a EUR 15m loan to the Turkish project company BRS Sağlık Yatırım A.Ş to finance the construction of a public hospital in Bursa and improve access to healthcare in this province. Bursa is Turkey’s fifth largest city, located in the Marmara region in the west of the country. This new 1,355-bed hospital complex was officially inaugurated today in the presence of the Director General of Investments of the Turkish Ministry of Health, representatives of Proparco and sponsors, constructors and operators, including Rönesans Holding, the constructor and operator, and Meridiam, France’s leading infrastructure fund.

“This new hospital will improve the quality, accessibility and diversity of the healthcare provided in this province”, explains Jean-Gabriel Dayre, Proparco’s Regional Director in Turkey, who was at the opening ceremony today. Cancer treatment, cardiology, radiotherapy, maternity and pediatric care, emergency and intensive care… By 2022, Bursa Hospital should be able to handle over 2.6 million medical consultations a year. The public hospital will have 4,500 full-time employees, including 1,950 medical staff, and will receive a total of some 36,200 people a day.

Proparco’s financing was earmarked for the design and construction of the hospital, but also for its upkeep-maintenance for 25 years, including the financing and provision of equipment and services for the hospital”, continues Jean-Gabriel Dayre.

As with the Adana and Elazig hospitals, which are also supported by Proparco, this project is part of the Health Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program implemented by the Turkish Ministry of Health. “Our financing enables us to support Turkey’s policy to improve public healthcare provision and access to healthcare for people”, concludes our Regional Director in Turkey.

With a total cost of EUR 489m, the project has also benefited from support from other development finance institutions and international and local commercial banks.