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Mobile network telecommunication towers, ensuring coverage of the territories and providing access to digital services, are essential to support growth in developing and emerging economies. However, a large share of telecommunication towers is not connected to the national power grid, and usually works on fuel generators. Through a $20 million loan granted to the Lebanese company IPT Powertech, Proparco will contribute to the energy efficiency of mobile towers, significantly reducing their CO2 emissions and operating cost, improving access site economics.

Proparco granted a $20 million loan to IPT Powertech Group SAL (“IPT”), together with DEG – as lead arranger – and Finnfund, respectively for $25 million and $10 million; IPT is a Lebanese company specialized in the management and powering of radio sites for mobile network operators in Africa and the Middle East. European Investment Bank (EIB) also granted $60M to support IPT’s activities.

As an energy services provider to Mobile Network Operators in Africa and Middle East, including energy solutions services, IPT is positioned as a pioneering company in the T-ESCO (Telecom - Energy Service Company) segment, a scheme whereby the tower site owner outsources the site power supply to a specialized third party responsible for deploying, financing and operating the power asset under a long term contract. The technical operation of T-ESCO is based on proven hybridation of fuel generator, solar PV and batteries offering cost benefits and sizeable fuel economies.

The loans granted to IPT will support the company’s T-ESCO activities in Lebanon and Guinea. More than 115,000 tons of CO2 emissions should be avoided every year.