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Photo Tereos Brésil
Proparco has reaffirmed its confidence in Tereos Sucre & Énergie Brésil in the form of USD 40m of financing. This program is allowing the sugar producer to increase its access to a transport and export logistics structure in Sao Paulo State in order to improve its efficiency and sustainably reduce its environmental impacts.

In 2010, Proparco allocated a USD 50M loan to Tereos Brésil to finance its agricultural and industrial investment program. This program has improved the company’s agricultural productivity and has met growing demand for biofuels in Brazil. Tereos Sucre & Énergie Brésil is a subsidiary of the French group Tereos, the world’s third largest sugar group, and is one of the leading players on the sugar and ethanol market in Brazil.

Supporting the growth of a company focused on partnership-based and environmentally responsible solutions

The financing program of Proparco and Tereos involves the construction of a sugar warehouse in the port of Santos. With a storage capacity of 114,000 tons, the warehouse is located in a terminal called Tiplam. It will be operated by one of Brazil’s main logistics transport companies, VLI, with which Tereos signed a partnership agreement in 2018.

This financing operation formalizes Proparco’s support to the partnership between Tereos Brésil and VLI, which involves the construction of two warehouses in Sao Paulo State. Thanks to this project, Tereos is ensuring it has long-term access to VLI’s rail and port logistics platform. This platform allows Tereos to facilitate its raw sugar exports and transfer its sugar in Brazil by rail transport, which is more environmentally sustainable, from the factories located in Sao Paulo State to the port of Santos. 

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Proparco has allocated a USD 40m loan to a Brazilian company, Tereos, to optimize and secure its supply and storage chain. This operation will also allow the company to opt for rail transport
Brazil: A loan to Tereos to allow the company to optimize its supply chain and opt for rail transport
Tereos Açùcar e Energia Brasil SA

Tereos Açucar e Energia Brasil is the 3rd largest sugar, ethanol and bio-energy operator in Brazil and a subsidiary of the 2nd largest sugar group in the world, France’s Tereos. Tereos Açucar e Energia operates 7 production sites which are all located in the State of Sao Paulo and owns a distribution center in Rio de Janeiro.

Proparco’s loan will be earmarked to optimize/secure its supply and storage chain, as well as for agricultural and maintenance capex. This operation will allow the company to finance the construction of a sugar warehouse in Tiplam at the Port of Santos in the State of Sao Paulo, a terminal operated by one of the main railway companies in Brazil, VIL, which offers integrated solutions. 

The financing will have a major impact on the development of rail transport vs. road transport to carry export raw sugar from its production platforms located in the State of Sao Paulo to the Port of Santos. 

Montant du financement en Euros
USD 40m loan