Proparco finances the renovation of an office tower in Abidjan by the Duval Group

published on 17 December 2018
Côte d'Ivoire
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Abidjan, tour, Groupe Duval
Proparco is granting a loan to the French Groupe Duval, led by Eric Duval, for the renovation and operation of a 6,000 m2 office tower in the Plateau business district of Abidjan.

This project responds to a need to modernize office infrastructure in Abidjan. The renovation of the Plateau district is indeed one of the priorities of the authorities in terms of urban development in Abidjan.

In addition to addressing the safety issues posed by the 50-year-old building, this project will meet the demand of many organizations for recent, energy-efficient offices. The renovation and operation of the complex will generate many direct and indirect jobs.

Thomas Eloy, Director of the Financing Department at Proparco, said: "Proparco is very pleased to support the Duval Group in this first real estate transaction in Côte d'Ivoire. In a context of urban renewal needed in the Abidjan Plateau, this financing makes it possible to support the implementation of a large-scale project, a source of economic development and attractiveness for the city of Abidjan.

The project contributes to achieving significant impacts in terms of both direct and indirect job creation and the improvement of safety standards and environmental and social standards. »   

Eric Duval, Founding President of the Duval Group, said: "With this real estate transaction, the Duval Group is pleased to participate in the urban renewal and economic development of Abidjan. It thus marks an opportunity to accelerate its internationalization strategy, particularly in Africa. »


Tour rénové par Duval à Abidjan