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Vinte, logement durable
Through a US$20 million investment, Proparco is supporting an actor committed to strengthening social cohesion. Vinte's role and impact on Mexican society was celebrated in 2019 by Fortune magazine as one of 52 companies that are changing the world.

Vinte has been involved in the construction of social housing in Mexico since 2001. The integrated communities it is developing aim to promote social diversity by building housing at different rates while integrating basic infrastructures, particularly related to education and health (7 clinics, 2 hospitals and 24 schools have already been built by Vinte).

Proparco's investment will further support the company's growth and impact in Mexico. Other development financial institutions such as IFC, DEG and IDB are also contributing to the development and success of Vinte.

This project is in line with AFD Group's "100% social link" strategy and will contribute in particular to the sustainable development goals related to the reduction of inequalities (SDG 10) and the promotion of sustainable cities and communities (SDG 12).