Proparco celebrates its 40th anniversary in São Paulo

published on 04 December 2017
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After Paris, Abidjan and Johannesburg, Proparco celebrated its 40th anniversary in São Paulo where its regional office has been financing development projects since 2007.

With 950 million euros committed since 2007 on 62 projects, South America is one of Proparco's key areas of intervention. Proparco has been working there with private sector actors committed to the continent's development on a wide range of sectors such as renewable energy, agro-business or health.

Proparco's Deputy CEO Amaury Mulliez was in Brazil from December 4th to 6th to celebrate Proparco's 40th anniversary as well as its São Paulo office 10 years anniversary. This visit allowed him to participate in meetings between French and Brazilian entrepreneurs organized by MEDEF International and FIESP.

Proparco's celebration took place at the French Consul's Residence where hundreds of Proparco's clients and partners were gathered. Proparco's 40th anniversary will continue in 2008 in its other regional offices in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

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