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PSD Innovation
This special issue of Private Sector & Development, published to mark Proparco’s 40th anniversary, focuses on how digital technology can help to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The current digital innovation boom in developing countries can drive technological leapfrogging to the benefit of the economies in question. And it can also provide inspiration for France and Europe in general: we have a lot to learn from the cross-fertilisation processes at work in development projects.

The rapid take-up of innovation has been made possible notably by the enhanced connectivity of various different populations. 

Despite the exponential increase in digital practices witnessed in a very short time, “e-penetration” on the African Continent still needs to be stepped up. Bandwith must be increased and e-inclusion enhanced for the less well-off.

It is vital to grow the Digital Transition and make it both more inclusive and equitable.