Niger: developing the hotel sector in Niamey to make the capital more attractive

published on 02 October 2017
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In connection with Les Rencontres Africa 2017, an event held in Abidjan from 2 to 4 October 2017 , Proparco signed a new agreement with Teyliom on 2 October to provide €8.5m in funding for the construction of an upscale hotel in Niamey under the Noom brand name.

This investment is fully in line with Proparco’s mandate to prioritize assistance to Sub-Saharan Africa. Niger, a country with complex security issues and annual per capita income of under $600, offers a striking example of the need for such support.
Although business trips account for 85% of all travel in West Africa, Niamey, Niger’s capital, still lacks adequate accommodations that meet international standards. Moreover, the city will be hosting the African Unit Summit in 2019. Scheduled to open in the first half of 2019, the new 140-room hotel will also include a conference centre, making it easier to handle large-scale events and greatly enhancing the appeal of Niamey.
The project will create over 180 jobs in the first year of hotel operations and will contribute to the transfer of knowledge and job skills by providing employees with hospitality training that is up to the highest standards in the industry.

This is Proparco’s second collaboration with Teyliom after the Noom Hotel Conakry, which was financed in part by a FISEA equity investment.