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Issue no. 26 of Private Sector & Development focuses on the African port sector. The magazine features analyses provided by experts from ISEMAR (Institute of Maritime Economics), SETRAG (rail concession operator in Gabon), Jeune Afrique and Agence Française de Développement, to get an insight into this rapidly growing sector that is so vital for the Continent’s future growth and development.

A vital sector: 80% of Africa’s foreign trade goes through its ports

With annual growth of 7% in maritime traffic, $50 billion of investment in Sub-Saharan African port facilities and a four-fold increase in trade volumes over the past 10 years, the African port sector is booming.  However, in a context of fierce global competition, Sub-Saharan African still only accounts for a mere 2% of global containerised traffic.

Thanks to public-private partnerships (PPP) and a growing number of concession arrangements, the private sector is playing an increasing role in surmounting obstacles to developing and upgrading African ports and supporting the Continent’s drive for development.

African Ports: Gateway to Development