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Air transport in Africa still does not count for much on a global scale. It is however a crucial development driver for regional integration and stronger socio-economic links, and has a major impact on job creation, trade and tourism. These benefits are urgently needed in an environment where road and rail infrastructures are particularly poor. The gradual opening-up of the African skies offers real opportunities. How can these be developed?

That is the question this issue seeks to answer, by presenting opinions from authors representing different areas of expertise: Jean-Louis Baroux (APG World Connect and APG Academy), Francis Brangier (Egis Airport Operation), Stéphane Carcas (AFD), Marie Carru (Proavia), Alexis Janoray (Proparco), Mengistu Jima (PTA Bank), Ian Kincaid (InterVISTAS Consulting Group), Raphael Kuuchi (IATA) and Charlotte Logeais (AFD).