2016 Annual Results: Proparco’s new strategy is up and running

published on 08 June 2017
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Proparco reported its 2016 results at its Annual General Meeting of shareholders. With €1.3 billion in financing approved – a year-on-year increase of 21% – Proparco confirms its momentum and continues on its upward growth curve in pursuit of its “ Objective 2020” strategy.

In 2016, Proparco committed €504 million to “climate” financing (up 74% on 2015), €509 million to Africa and €177 million in equity and quasi-equity financing and subordinated loans to partner the development of private sector firms active in developing and emerging countries (a 54% increase on the figure for 2015).

For Grégory Clemente, Chief Executive Officer of Proparco, “these results are proof that Proparco is already well along the growth path to achieving the ambitious objectives it has set itself for 2020, i.e., doubling its annual financing commitments to €2 billion a year and trebling its impacts on employment, the climate, access to basic services and innovation.”
2016 was also marked by two standout events: Proparco secured access to EU funding for the first time in order to partner an electrification project in Africa and it obtained accreditation from the Green Climate Fund.