The acquisition of knowledge and skills – from primary to higher education – is a prerequisite for the social and vocational integration of young people and sustainable economic growth. It contributes to reducing poverty, social exclusion and inequalities.
Des enfants joyeux en uniforme d'école les bras en l'air


Des étudiants assis à leurs bureaux entrain de prendre des notes

Developing education and training geared to the economic and environmental challenges of southern countries

Population growth in Sub-Saharan Africa and soaring unemployment in the Mediterranean region have once again made the education and training of individuals, especially young people, central to social, economic and political issues at both local and international level.

In developing countries and most emerging countries, public education systems are extremely weak as a result of underfunding, overcrowded classes, teaching that is often ill-suited…

In this context, the increasing involvement of private actors working to develop high-quality provision contributes to strengthening education systems in the South.


Enfants dans une école en Côte d'Ivoire

Proparco’s financing has three main objectives in this sector:

  • Promote access to education, particularly higher education, by supporting the creation of school networks and university campuses, developing student loans…;
  • Support the implementation of high-quality educational programs: new curricula, teacher training, etc.;
  • Strengthen vocational and technical training provision, in partnership with local companies, to allow young people to acquire skills that are useful in their civic life and tailored to labor market needs.
students will have access to high quality services in financed establishments
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