In African countries – the priority for AFD Group and the French Government –, Proparco operates in all sectors. Its financing has two main objectives: fight against poverty and promote sustainable growth.
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A continent in economic development

For over ten years, Sub-Saharan Africa has been experiencing unprecedented social and economic dynamism, driven by external debt relief, the surge in commodity exports, economic and social reforms, the increase in foreign capital inflows and domestic consumption…

But there continue to be huge needs for housing, infrastructure, particularly for energy, and goods and services such as water, education and health. The benefits of growth over the last decade have not sustainably curbed poverty, malnutrition, child mortality

In this regard, Proparco focuses its support on infrastructure projects (especially for energy and transport), developing agriculture and the agro-industry, strengthening banking systems (national and pan-African) and the productive sector, particularly SMEs, as well as on developing high quality essential goods and services (water, health, education, vocational training…).


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Financing focused on key development sectors

Sub-Saharan Africa is the priority region for AFD Group’s activities, in line with the priorities defined by the public authorities. Since 2012, it has accounted for almost 50% of Proparco’s annual activity (portfolio of EUR 1.5bn).

Proparco supports the continent’s transition by operating in all sectors. Its financing specifically focuses on developing infrastructure that is essential for opening up territories, economic activity and improving living conditions for populations (conventional and renewable energies, roads, ports, railway networks, airports…).

Proparco also contributes to modernizing farms and agricultural and agro-industrial sectors by financing projects that help create employment for rural populations, develop processing and distribution activities, and reduce food imports.

In addition, Proparco is maintaining its commitment alongside national and pan-African financial institutions (banks, microfinance institutions, etc.). The aim is to increase their capacities to invest in key activities for development, particularly those of SMEs, and promote the participation of low-income populations in economic life .

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Funding type


  • Agriculture and Agro-industry
  • Banks and Financial markets
  • Industry and services
  • Infrastructures
  • Microfinance
  • Multi-sectors
  • Renewable energies and energy efficiency

Funding type

  • Equity participation
  • Loan
  • Technical Assistance


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