In Asia, where Proparco is very active, its financing, like its parent company, aims to promote green and inclusive growth.

To this end, Proparco’s operations focus on projects that contribute to the fight against climate change (renewable energies and energy efficiency), urban development (waste management, transport, housing…), strengthening social services (health and education), as well as to structuring agro-industrial sectors and microfinance.
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L'action de Proparco

€802 M
in outstanding amounts in 2016
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Funding type


  • Banks and Financial markets
  • Education
  • Health
  • Industry and services
  • Infrastructures
  • Microfinance
  • Multi-sectors
  • Renewable energies and energy efficiency
  • Supporting high-potential innovative start-ups

Funding type

  • Equity investment
  • Loan
  • Technical Assistance


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Geographical coverage of PROPARCO

The map and list of countries that Proparco covers.
Jan 2017
Private Sector & Development

Vulnerabilities and crises: what role for companies?

Over two billion people throughout the world are currently living in countries in which development is being stymied by situations that are rife with conflict and violence. Moreover, the future ...
Jun 2017
Private Sector & Development

Social Business: a different way of doing business and investing

In recent years, the concept of social business has emerged as a middle road between philanthropy and the pursuit of maximum profit. The idea is rooted in a dual realization: ...
Feb 2016

Azure power - Support the development of new photovoltaic projects in India

Inderpreet Wadhwa, Founder and CEO of Azure Power, describes his company's commitment to develop new solar power plants in India.
Feb 2018

Simpa Networks - Develop access to electricity in rural India

Simpa is providing people in Uttar Pradesh (India) with access to electricity, by selling a prepaid service based on solar energy. Proparco's financing is allowing it to develop its activity ...
Feb 2018

MA’s Food, l’agriculture durable au Sri Lanka / Immersion 360° PROPARCO

The Sri Lankan company MA’s Food was founded in 1986 and specialises in producing foods using spices and coconut. The company sources its food locally, preferably from smallholders whom it ...
Sep 2017

Golden Rice, leading actor of rice in Cambodia / Immersion 360° PROPARCO

Golden Rice was founded in 2009 and is Cambodia’s leading exporter of high-end jasmin rice. In 2013, Proparco granted the company a special loan of 10 million dollars over five years to ...
Sep 2017