Une salle de classe
Under the direction of Grégory CLEMENTE, the General management prepares and proposes the company’s strategy, while supervising the fulfilment of the assigned objectives.

The Board of directors, chaired by Rémy RIOUX (Chief executive officer of the Agence Française de Développement), determines Proparco’s main strategic orientations and ensures their implementation.

The General management

The General management develops the company’s main orientations and supervises the operational implementation of the strategy determined by the Board of directors.

The General management includes the Chief executive officer and two Deputy chief executive officers.
The General management is surrounded by an executive team that provides it with specialised technical support in each area of expertise.

The General management also relies on various internal committees in charge of studying opportunities for collaboration and partnerships that will promote the development of the private sector within Proparco’s sphere (in particular the Identification committee, the Project committee, the Commitment committee and the Disposals committee).

Proparco also has specialised internal committees that work with the general management and the executive teams with regard to identifying, measuring, managing and controlling risks, in order to ensure that the level of risks is suitable for its activities (in particular: the Internal counterparty risks committee, the Internal control committee, the Compliance committee and the Balance sheet management committee).

In its capacity as a financing company, Proparco has organised a risk management function that supervises the risks and reports to the General management.

The Proparco General management

Professional experience :

Grégory CLEMENTE, Chief Executive Officer
Grégory CLEMENTE has today been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Proparco, the private sector financing arm of Agence Française de Développement (AFD). He will be taking up his duties on 1 April 2016.
Grégory CLEMENTE started his professional career in 1996 at the French Overseas Departments Note-Issuing Bank (IEDOM) in Pointe-à-Pitre, then at this institution’s headquarters in Paris. In 2000, he joined AFD Group’s Financial Department as a market operator, prior to becoming the Director for market activities in 2005. He was appointed Director of AFD’s Asia Department in 2011. In 2014, he became AFD’s Executive Risk Management Director. Grégory CLEMENTE holds a Master's Degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Lyon II.
Amaury MULLIEZ, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Amaury Mulliez began his career in 1998 as a corporate credit analyst at Société Générale in Austria, prior to being a consultant at BCG from 2000 to 2006, where he mainly worked in the infrastructure and financial services sectors.

Amaury joined PROPARCO in 2006 as an investment officer in the Private Equity Division. From 2009 to 2013, he was regional representative for the Maghreb region, and was then head of the Banks and Financial Markets division at the Paris headquarters until March 2015. He graduated in Finance from the ESCP Business School and holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from la Sorbonne University.

Hélène TEMPLIER, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Hélène Templier began her career in 1993 working in the Operations Division of AFD on secondment abroad and later in Paris. She subsequently joined AFD's Finance Division where she worked in management control before becoming head of credit risk evaluation in the Agency's Risk Management Unit.

In 2008, Hélène was appointed Director of Proparco's investment commitments in charge of tracking risks and loan portfolios before returning to AFD in 2011 as Deputy CFO.

Hélène is a business school graduate and she rounded out her academic training by specialising in development economics at CERDI in Clermont-Ferrand.

Board of Directors

Principes de gouvernance de l'entreprise

Capital et actionnariat

Evolution du capital
At the Annual Committee in December Proparco’s new 2017- 2020 strategy was adopted.

By doubling its funding in order to reach 2 billion euros by 2020, Proparco aims to triple its impact on development (job creation, fight against global warming, access to essential goods and services, helping businesses with E&S practices, promoting innovation).

Creation of the Interact Climate Change Facility with AFD, EIB and ten other EDFIs:

a mutual fund dedicated to financing private sector operations in the South in renewable energies and energy efficiency in line with the AFD group “climate” strategy, started in the mid 2000’s.

Extension of Proparco’s geographical area of operations to all countries eligible for development assistance.

Launch of the magazine Private Sector & Development. Creation of the Investment and Support Fund for Businesses in Africa (FISEA), held by AFD and advised by Proparco.

a share capital of €420m
Creation of European Financing Partners (EFP) with nine other EDFIs and the European Investment Bank (EIB), a mutual fund dedicated to financing the private sector in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.
a share capital of €142.6m
a share capital of €68m
Creation of the association of European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI)

Proparco becomes a member.

Share capital increase from €21 million to €34 million (140 million to 225 million French francs).

Status changed to a financial company approved by the French banking authorities, enabling Proparco to operate via equity, but also via loans and guarantees, as well as through consultancy and advisory services for the arrangement of deals.
Entry of public and private shareholders, financiers and industries from the North and South: Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED), BNP Paribas, Coface, GDF Suez and Natixis.

a share capital of €9.14m
With a share capital of 10 million French francs (€1.5 million), 100% held by CCCE, its mandate was to finance the private sector in the franc zone.

Creation of the Société de Promotion et de Participation pour la Coopération Economique (Proparco) by the Caisse Centrale de Coopération Economique (CCCE), which became AFD in 1998.