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Equity investment in the European Solidarity Financing Fund for Africa

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projet FEFISOL
The European Solidarity Financing Fund for Africa supports microfinance, fair trade and organic farming in local currency, while providing technical assistance to beneficiary organizations.
Client presentation

The European Solidarity Financing Fund for Africa (ESFFA) is a multi-donor instrument. It is the first instrument specialized in supporting rural microfinance organizations and producers' organizations active in the fields of fair trade and organic products in Africa. It aims to meet the microfinance needs of poor rural households and support small-scale agricultural investments throughout Africa.

Project description

The ESFFA fund aims to finance rural microfinance institutions and producers' organizations in Africa in local currency. Technical assistance will also be provided to help these institutions build their capacities in the fields of management, financial management, and the development of new products.

Project impact
This operation will allow small rural structures to access other funds on the markets and become viable in the medium and long term. The support funds have already allowed 48 technical assistance projects to be conducted with 27 organizations from 17 different African countries.
Date of signature of the project
5 930 000 Euros
Amount of funding
Equity investment of EUR 5.4m and technical assistance of EUR 330,000
Financing details